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First Day of School

On this beautiful September day, the silence of the holidays was broken off by the heartfelt conversations and the sympathetic voices of our pupils. Today, for the first time, the road to the knowledge of the first class pupils was born. I felt the hidden shyness of those who today became part of the Lezha Academic Center family. Safer than they were the ones who would close this year's gymnasium. Success to everyone and be proud of yourself and your successes. Blessings to every singe soul... Staff and L.A.C

This is your opportunity. You never know until you try.

1.LEZHA ACADEMIC CENTER (LAC), an affiliate Mennonite School located in Lezhe, Albania, is seeking applicants for the principal of school. LAC is a Grade 1-12 school with 120 students. Desired candidate has a masters degree or higher with educational experience. The candidate is expected to lead from an Anabaptist perspective. The position is salaried for a 12-month contract. Contact Don Steiner 2.LEZHA ACADEMIC CENTER (LAC), a growing affiliate Mennonite School located in Lezhe, Albania seeks teachers in English (grades 9-12); math (algebra, geometry, pre calculus); science (physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology Contact Don Steiner